All year round, Megève gives pride of place to celebrations! For generations, at nightfall, the village has been transformed into a veritable temple of celebration. Baptized as the 21st arrondissement of Paris by Jean Cocteau, let yourself be intoxicated by these famous festive restaurants, where feasting and celebration come together for bewitching nights, sometimes until the heart of the night.

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The Tigrr Princess


Wild Cottage


The Fruitière


Saint-Amour Farm

Hotel restaurant

The Relais Mont Blanc


Le Piaf Megeve


Brasserie O'3Boys


Indie Mountain



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Megève to the rhythm of the party

In Megève, the party goes on all day long. From early in the morning, there are brunches the day after the evening in trendy addresses.

Then, the village restaurants welcome you to their sunny terraces to enjoy the lively streets. Followed by mountain restaurants which, until the tracks close, ignite to the sound of djs and other shows.

At nightfall, it's the turn of the bars to be electrified with the after-ski. Then, the festive restaurants take over with frenzied dinners. Finally, it's time for night bars and nightclubs where, until dawn, night owls can pursue the pleasures of the legendary Megève evenings.

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