Usually hung on the summits, in Megève the stars are found on the prestigious plates of starred restaurants. With its 3 chefs as starred as the sky, like Emmanuel Renaut, Alexandre Baule and Anne-Sophie Pic, the village is once again the most gourmet destination in the Alps.

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In Megève, starred restaurants shine with a thousand flavors

Nestled in the heart of the mountains, hide here and there famous starred restaurants where, once you open the door, you are as if propelled into the Milky Way.

While your eyes are captivated by the intimate and refined setting of the place, in the kitchen, the chefs compete in audacity and inventiveness. On their apron, embroidered stars. The award for exceptional cuisine by the prestigious Michelin Guide. Because in Megève, the starred restaurants do not simply put plates on a table. No, Michelin-starred restaurants offer you an exhilarating experience, where your senses are eternally dazzled.

And now, comfortably seated, a unique work of art is composed in front of you. Here, new creations bloom to the rhythm of the seasons. Inspired by nature, the chefs of the starred restaurants open the doors of their imagination to you, where each plate is worked with passion and orchestrated like sculptures to be admired. A veritable cocoon for the senses, the starred restaurants of Megève won't stop making you travel!

1 star restaurants Megève Alpes
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