In Megève, greenery doesn't just appear on the plate! In vegetarian restaurants, vegetables steal the show from meat and fish. With a wide variety of tastes, textures and colors, let yourself be charmed by gourmet and generous dishes, good for your health and high in vitality.

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Addresses for all tastes

In addition to genuine vegetarian restaurants, many addresses offer meat-free dishes and menus on their menus.

A perfect combination for your loved ones who, faithful carnivores, may not share the same tastes as you.

Whether you are vegan, vegan, vegetarian, vegetable lover or simply in search of new flavors, let yourself be surprised by these vegetarian menus and dishes which, in addition to its benefits, put all the taste buds on the green.

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Vegetarian restaurants: hunger for beans!

Who said that Megève gastronomy only offered charcuterie and melted cheese?

In its vegetarian restaurants, as you will have understood, it is the vegetables that occupy the front of the plate. And for those who still think that vegetarian rhymes with rabbit, in Megève, vegetarian restaurants are not limited to a salad and raw vegetables.

Mainly from the neighbor's vegetable garden, the vegetables here are cooked with love and delicacy to reveal all their subtleties. In salads, soups or generous dishes, vegetarian restaurants undeniably restore the image of vegetables, even with children. So who said vegetarian restaurants are boring?

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