It is not uncommon, between a fondue and a tartiflette, that your taste buds seek to escape from these generous dishes to conquer new, more exotic flavors. And what more authentic and welcoming addresses than Asian restaurants to explore a new delicate and striking cuisine? In a discreet and cheerful atmosphere, escape for a few hours to the land of the rising sun, to discover the treasures of Asian restaurants.

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The Tigrr Princess


Megeve Satsuki

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Asian fusions & immersive flavors

As your baguettes fly from dish to dish, you immediately forget your infidelity to melted cheese. In an elegant atmosphere, imbued with a change of scenery, the Asian restaurants of Megève transport you to the heart of deep Asia.

Wrapped in a universe that delights the taste buds of gourmets and arouses the curiosity of neophytes, Asian restaurants design exceptional dishes. Here, from the first bite you are immersed in a new generation Asian cuisine, both rooted and disheveled, authentic and creative, diverse and varied. Mixed with audacity and tradition, Asian restaurants offer you a truly immersive experience which, engraved with exoticism, takes you on a journey into the depths of Asian culture.

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