Good Megève cuisine does not stop at starred chefs, quite the contrary! Inspired by these addresses, the bistronomic cuisine willingly dusts off this prestigious and exclusive gastronomy to put haute cuisine within reach of all taste buds.

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In Megève, bistronomic cuisine delights the taste buds

In Megève, the restaurants offer you a sincere and generous gastronomy where the proverb "eating is a real pleasure" finally takes on its full meaning. And the bistronomic cuisine is no exception to the rule! Perfect fusion between two culinary universes, it puts the good product at the heart of the plate to offer you recipes full of finesse, audacity and authenticity.

In these bistronomic kitchen addresses, where a friendly spirit and warm atmosphere reign, the chefs reinterpret the great classics of starred restaurants. Certainly, with less noble products, but still fresh and seasonal. Inventive and generous, the bistronomic cuisine brings together all generations around the table.

Whether you are with family, lovers or friends, let yourself be seduced by this hearty bistronomic cuisine which, from the first bite, offers an explosion of a thousand and one flavors.

Dish from Flocons Village

Did you know?

Born in the 1990s, bistronomic cuisine is the contraction of gastronomy and bistro cuisine, defined by a winning trio: good products, great skill and conviviality.

This bistronomic cuisine, very strongly inspired by the gastronomy starred, has now become a major trend in the culinary arts. True standard of a culinary tradition, all the great chefs take up bistro cuisine. While the trend is a lasting part of the culinary landscape, these odes to good food are taken by storm by local regulars such as celebrities, who like to get together to eat well and relax in a warm and family atmosphere. Certainly, the dishes are made with less prestigious products, but the incomparable know-how and the fresh seasonal products make the bistronomic cuisine an attractive table, even imposing itself in the international rankings.

As you will have understood, the bistronomic cuisine allows all the taste buds to revel in the good gastronomy which finally, is no longer hidden only in the great starred restaurants.

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Dish from Flocons Village

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