Perfectly crowned by its vertiginous summits, its granite needles and its bluish seracs, the Mont Blanc massif is a pure masterpiece that can be contemplated from Megève. While the eternal snow contrasts with the blue of the sky, the needles seem to caress the sun. A unique spectacle that has always fascinated and pushed contemplatives to find the best view to admire it, without having to climb it!

Megève, face to face with Mont-Blanc

When you look around in Megève, the discreet silhouette of Mont-Blanc emerges. Contrasting with the blue of the sky and the green of the fir trees, it appears unreal. However, culminating at 4 meters above sea level, this giant shaped out of granite and ice has always dominated the village of Megève.

Sitting on the terrace of a restaurant, from the balcony of an accommodation or during a sports activity, the spectacle is everywhere, even if the most beautiful remains that offered by Mont-Blanc. A veritable paradise, the frantic summits, the disproportionate walls and the frenzied glaciers become the objective of sports enthusiasts and the fascination of contemplatives.

Although the Mont d'Arbois ski area remains the best placed to admire the view of Mont-Blanc due to its proximity, the neighboring peaks are also taken over by skiers in winter and hikers in summer to contemplate the mass from different angles.

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