Mègevan for more than 50 years, the famous artist-sculptor is on all fronts: creation, exhibitions, publishing projects... As much in demand in France as abroad, Pierre Margara always keeps his adopted village close to his heart. , of which he is one of the most faithful ambassadors.

© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève

Interview with Pierre MARGARA

That day, he cleaned up his studio at the entrance to Megève. The next day, he organizes a small reception there. Friends, laughter, a warm atmosphere, in short, everything that Pierre Margara appreciates here, in Megève.

In his studio, in the middle of his sculptures and his woodworking tools, are displayed black and white photos of the golden generation of the 70s, who came to taste the conviviality of Megève: Michel Sardou, Éric Charden, Carlos, The Charlots, etc. “There were plenty of places where they rubbed shoulders with farmers, monitors, tourists. There was a real atmosphere…”, he slips, a bit nostalgic. Among his faithful companions of friendship, Jacques Revaux, composer and author of the song “My Way”. Interpreted by Claude François in France, then Frank Sinatra who made it a worldwide success, the lyrics of this song inspired Pierre Margara who created a monumental eponymous work, installed since 2013 in the heart of Megève.

I have always felt in osmosis with Megève and the resort gave it back to me.

Today, hoteliers and restaurateurs are added to this long list of friendships linked between Rochebrune and Mont d'Arbois. Pierre Margara has also created a 16 meter high wooden totem for the new Sibuet hotel in Flaine. He greatly appreciates Emmanuel Renaut, as well as the young chefs who contribute to making Megève an essential address for mountain gastronomy. “I love the world of cooking, it has always been very close to me, no doubt because we are also creative. » No wonder he was entrusted with the realization of the Challenge of starred chefs!

Not long ago, Pierre Margara delivered one of his works to Sardinia, another to the Netherlands. At the end of 2015, he was at the Élysée alongside François Hollande for the presentation of the Jean-Pierre Bloch Prize to Barbara Hendricks, a reward for her commitment to human rights. Each winner receives a sculpture by Pierre Margara. “It was a great moment,” emphasizes the Megève sculptor, not without pride.

© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève

I like to work with my hands, today it is becoming rare.

© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève

However, Pierre Margara is not resting on his laurels. One day he exhibited The Gallery in Geneva. The next day, he is preparing a retrospective for the winter in Megève. He also created his Facebook page, while confident – ​​glasses on his nose – to be “a bit lost in this virtual world. I like to work with my hands. Today, this is becoming rare. » But over the course of his career, he was able to adapt. And he will do it again. He published a book on Savoy and Haute-Savoie, of which he remains a faithful ambassador. Other work projects for various private sponsors are in progress, but he will not say much more. The man is not talkative, as long as everything is not finalized.

On the other hand, Pierre Margara is inexhaustible on his deep and unfailing attachment to Megève where he has known all the notoriety of which any artist dreams, in the same way as Emilie Allais or Jean-Paul Allard. “I've always felt in osmosis with Megève and the resort gave it back to me. I was a pioneer of art here and I'm proud of it. I immediately felt that my nature as an artist would flourish in this exceptional setting. The station has evolved, like all places, but it remains a unique place that attracts the whole world. »

Website : pierremargara-sculpteur.com

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