Wrapped in a soft white veil, Megève appears as if transformed. A true pioneer resort in the practice of winter sports, Megève has become THE snowy destination par excellence. Slide, slalom, explore... See you at the first bend!


In Megève, the delicious scents of the mountains are everywhere. At the top of the mountains, open your lungs fully. Take time to breathe. Inhale. Expire. Let the mountain guide you, open the doors to its well-kept secrets. In the village, the scents of cinnamon, gingerbread and mulled wine that emanate from the terraces fill your nostrils and whet your appetite. Not far away, the scents of melted cheese invite them to share a delicious Savoyard speciality. At the heart of your accommodation is an explosion of perfume. The one created by the fireplace, the warm cookies coming out of the oven or the Christmas tree which, elegantly decorated, offers an incomparable smell of happiness.

© Marie Bougault


Enter into matter. Touch the world around you. Caress the soft woolen scarf knitted by Mamie. Thick layers of warm clothes. Feel the goosebumps. The cold that runs through you from head to toe. Appreciate the bursts of snowflakes that touch your cheeks reddened by the cold. Snow that melts on contact with your skin. Then, savor the sensations that run through your body when, thrown at full speed on a sled, your heart races. Immediately, an invigorating feeling of freshness takes hold of you. Like when you catch yourself plunging your hands into the snow or sucking on ice cubes hanging from the branches of trees. Or when, with a mischievous gesture, we seize a handful of snow in order to undertake a lively battle. Then, we bring in the blue lips to dry ourselves near the fire before letting ourselves be enveloped by the very hot water of a bath.

© Marie BOUGAULT – Municipality of Megève


When the first snowflakes of winter come delicately to pile up on the green fir trees and delicately tint the landscapes with a soft white veil, Megève shines through in an exhilarating purity, as if metamorphosed into a real sparkling jewel. In nature, magic is everywhere. If the human eye does not detect activity on the surface, the snow-covered forests and immaculate mountain pastures nevertheless shelter, in their depths, wild animals having fun in the cold snow. Conversely, the trees which, stripped of their leaves, seem to be sleeping under their thick blanket of snow. In the village, magic is everywhere. Dazzling and luxuriant, it sparkles with a thousand lights under the luminous garlands, the famous Christmas tree and the flashes of amazed passers-by who have come to immortalize the spectacle of winter in Megève.

© Simon GARNIER – Municipality of Megève


Although winter is embellished with mist, ice and snow, winter dishes are embellished with friendliness, generosity and sincerity. Wrapped up in the warmth of the fireplaces, where some good dishes are still simmering, you rejoice to see winter coming. The pot-au-feu, specialties based on melted cheeses, winter gratins, root vegetables, soups, soups and all-you-can-eat soups are yours! On the tip of the tongue, taste the new flavors, textures, colors. Because in Megève, winter lacks neither shades nor reliefs. Appreciate recipes with a nostalgic flavor or dishes with original aromas. Taste the comforting flavors, the generous flavors and the inimitable tastes. Because in Megève, winter has an incomparable flavour.



Listen. Listening to your own breath to begin with. A breath which, faced with the cold of winter, becomes short. Then listening to the deafening silence of the snow falling in abundance where only the crunch of your footsteps will support your thoughts. Arriving near the village, listen carefully. Listen to cups of mulled wine clinking, skate blades scraping frozen ice, ski boots pounding the pavement. Not far away, a horse-drawn carriage wanders to the sound of bells when the bell tower rings the hour to return. While the children's laughter warms hearts, the crackling fire in the fireplace warms the body. Next door, Christmas carols blast from the radio. Together, all these noises form the sweet melody of winter.

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