As the Indian summer seems to have given way to the coolness of autumn, the trees are adorned with orange colors. For this new multi-faceted season, Megève invites you to get together with family or friends to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors, during a colorful getaway.


At the end of summer, the flowery scents dissipate to give way to the sweet scents of fall. The smell of donuts sold at the autumn fair, the taste of apples in the neighbor's orchard, the scents of the undergrowth garnished with mushrooms, the delicious aromas of invigorating dishes simmering for hours...

So many scents that revive forgotten stories or call up new ones, so many comforting memories, like the softness of the family cocoon at the onset of the first winter temperatures.



Armed with rain boots, a warm coat and a wool scarf knitted by Grandma, the pleasure of autumn is above all that of throwing yourself onto a carpet of dead leaves or hopping on a hopping block. in mud puddles. With the arrival of autumn and its light, childish pleasures resurface.

We collect hazelnuts on the path, we pick chestnuts in the yard, we glean heather in the forest, we gather a bouquet of dead leaves, we harvest mushrooms. Something to delight all your senses, from the delicate and meticulous touch during picking to the awakening of your taste buds during contact with your palate.

© Melanie CALCEÏ


Brilliant sun, flamboyant trees, stunning landscapes… In the fall, Megève transforms. While the green of the trees ignites in a palette of warm colors, the leaves naturally fall one by one onto the ground which they cover to form a magnificent carpet of orange hues.

These pigmented shades, sometimes yellowed, sometimes reddened and sometimes browned, offer the Megève forests a magical dimension, a journey through time, where living the present moment turns out to be the most beautiful gift to share together.


Hidden under carpets of orange leaves, there is a colony of porcini mushrooms hidden here and there. A few steps away, preciously nestled in the earth moistened by the morning dew, a few chanterelles timidly poke their heads out of the ground. Right next door, at the edge of the forest, around ten death trumpets live in close symbiosis with the roots of the trees. Diehard pickers know that Megève is full of hidden treasures in autumn.

But to be successful in your picking, you still need to know the secret corners! Also, for the less courageous, the less lucky or the less knowledgeable, the meeting takes place at the Megève market or at your favorite restaurateur, whose menu offers 1001 recipes based on mushrooms.



During a hike between low sun and morning mist, listen to the gentle warm wind penetrating between the trees, the crunch of the orange leaves tearing under your feet, the alert animals playing hide and seek behind the multicolored bushes . Throughout the autumn, Megève's nature offers its last splendors before entering into a long sleep, as soon as the first snowflakes delicately cover the ground in absolute silence.

While the lapping of the rain is accentuated on the dead leaves, the most cautious and the most greedy gladly push the door of a warm tea room, where the hammering of the drops on the windows, the quivering of the kettle in the perspective of a hot tea and the crackling of the fireplace play their best part.

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