Here, there is no arid ground where it is impossible to plant sardines, but beautiful green grounds. No poor animation where the deployed throats sing until the end of the night, but calm and serenity. In Megève, the call of nature is strong. And that of taking advantage of its benefits in outdoor accommodation is even more so.

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Outdoor accommodation: a life-size adventure

At the time of escape, Megève is one of those places where it is still possible to stroll, contemplate, let time slip by and live to the rhythm of the sun. A luxury, which is hidden in the outdoor hotel industry. That of pitching the tent or (re)laying its wheels, according to your desires.

In Megève, adventure takes place in the heart of unspoiled nature. Around the fir trees, in a flowery field or in the heart of green alpine pastures, the open-air hotel guarantees you a real return to your roots, stamped with authenticity. Far from the magnetized village of effervescence, these places elegantly decorated by nature fuel with conviviality. Because here the atmosphere is in favor of family and friendly reunions, where exchange, benevolence and harmony are advocated.

While your choice is between comfort, luxury or adventure mode camping, Megève offers you the best experience possible, as close as possible to nature.


The taste for adventure and the spirit of discovery

Megève offers you, in a magnificently well laid-out setting, a real experience of reconnecting with nature where, once the tent has been correctly pitched, sometimes not without difficulty, you will finally find this exhilarating feeling of freedom. Because in these outdoor hotels, we breathe, we eat, we sleep, we live in the heart of nature.

Designed as havens of peace, these open-air hotels sacrifice neither comfort nor intimacy. Here, there is no proximity to the neighbour's tent, no barbecue smells or queues for the toilets. Ideally equipped, in these open-air hostelries you get back to basics, to simplicity. That of meeting your neighbors who, faithful campers, give you good advice and little secrets on the essentials of Megève.

Whether you are a camping novice or a seasoned camper boasting of setting up the tent in less than 5 minutes, our outdoor accommodation offers you regenerating, timeless holidays. Enough to make the most refractory want to try the experience. So, ready to take a deep breath of fresh air?

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