Holidays in the mountains are sacred! With dad who loves thrills and mom who is passionate about mountainous landscapes, this year again the holidays will be in the resort. Yes but only now, today baby is here! No worries ! Summer or winter, it is quite possible, and even beneficial for your baby, to take advantage of the benefits of the Megève mountains.

Coming to Megève with a baby

Since the baby's arrival, nothing is done unexpectedly, and even less a ski holiday! Special clothing for the cold, adapted accommodation, reserved activities, transport to get to the resort and on-site accessibility... You have to think of everything! Megève, a family resort par excellence, helps you to make this challenge not only possible, but also pleasant so that you too can fully enjoy your holidays in the mountains.

Even if the great outdoors can only do good for your baby, it is essential to take certain precautions. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to travel to Megève in summer and winter with an infant. For his comfort, it is still advisable to take a few breaks when getting into the car in Megève so that he can acclimatize to the change in atmospheric pressure and to help him swallow with a bottle or a pacifier to avoid earaches.

Once you arrive in Megève, everything is done to ensure that your stay with baby runs smoothly. Our Esprit Famille certified establishments offer you a personalized welcome, adapted facilities, specialized equipment and above all a multitude of services for babies to make your stay easier. So, who said that going on holiday in the mountains with baby was too complicated?


Winter sports stay with baby

While it is true that activities for newborns are quite limited in the resort, it is still possible in Megève to take full advantage of the pleasures of the mountains with a baby. Impeccably wrapped up in many thick layers, let yourself be charmed by magical activities to share with your little one! Gently discovering the snow, making your first toboggan runs, strolling through the village, which is perfectly accessible by stroller, taking the opportunity to go shopping for babies, strolling on the snowy heights of Megève, enjoying a meal in the restaurant by the fireplace, dive into the Palais swimming pool where babies are welcome… In Megève you won't be bored, even with a baby!


Enjoying the mountains with your baby in summer

In summer too, Megève offers many activities to practice with baby. Perfectly protected from the sun with sunscreen, glasses and a little hat, summer is ideal for discovering the Megève mountains with your baby. Without taking the ski lifts which could be dangerous for your baby's eardrums due to gaining altitude much too quickly, it is pleasant to walk in the mountain pastures with your little one in the baby carrier which, lulled by the movement redundant with your steps, sleeps quietly. In Megève, summer is also ideal for swimming in the Palace's outdoor paddling pool, strolling through the narrow streets of the village, which is perfectly accessible by stroller, shopping for babies and lazing around on the sunny terraces. A rich and varied programme, easy to adapt according to baby's needs and pace!

What to put in the baby's suitcase to go to the mountains?

In summer or winter, going to Megève with a baby requires a minimum of preparation! It should be remembered that your cherub, unlike you, remains motionless and, therefore, is more exposed to hypothermia and UV rays. Thus, the right suitcase for baby to go on vacation in the mountains must include things that will protect him from the cold, the sun and a medicine kit to ward off possible minor ailments!

In winter, opt for thick layers such as fleece, goose down and wool, which guarantee warmth, softness and ease of movement. Also remember to protect your baby's extremities with a hat, gloves, socks or tights and lined shoes. This will allow your baby to retain heat and be protected from humidity.

In summer, we protect baby from the sun! So remember to take sunscreen, cap or hat and especially sunglasses adapted to his age and morphology. To avoid constantly putting the glasses back on your little one's nose, remember to put a drawstring on the glasses for better support and prevent curious little hands from pulling on them!

As far-sighted parents, prepare a medicine kit to remedy any minor injuries or hassles your baby may have. Also, don't forget your little one's health record, which can be very useful in some cases. It is particularly in demand in nurseries and crèches.


Getting around Megève with a baby

Have you decided to go for a little walk in winter with baby? Prefer a 4×4 stroller with blanket and hood protecting from the wind. The front or back baby carrier can cause compression in the arms and legs of your little one which, over the hours, can cool down considerably with blood circulation slowed down by the seated position. On the other hand, in summer, when you no longer need to control your little one's temperature, the baby carrier is ideal for venturing out to explore the Megève mountains.

Tips & Precautions

  • Being more sensitive to the cold, protect your baby with warm and suitable clothes without forgetting the extremities of the body (heads, hands and feet)
  • Avoid leaving your baby with damp or wet clothes
  • If you gain altitude, make stages to acclimatize your baby's ears (count a break every 300m of altitude difference)
  • The pure air of our mountains is often drier than in the plains, so remember to humidify the room where your child sleeps with a damp cloth
  • On the feeding side, between the cold and the dryness of the air, your baby will need to drink and eat more than usual.
  • Avoid exposing baby directly to the sun: use a high factor sunscreen with application every 2 hours, glasses and cap

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