The Rochebrune estate needs no introduction in winter. A real postcard on the heights of the famous village of Megève, Rochebrune has some solid assets in winter. A little jewel in the Upper Savoy region, it is characterized by the authenticity of its alpine architecture, the arrogance of its snow-capped peaks and the conviviality of its spirit. In winter, Rochebrune is the ideal destination for an unforgettable mountain vacation, in the heart of the Alps.

Rochebrune, the heart of winter in Megève

Rochebrune, this little treasure on the north slope, displays a strong mountain character in winter with its authentic accommodation, its traditional shops, its local restaurants and its numerous winter activities.

A true small mountain hamlet where local life is authentic and friendly, Rochebrune benefits from its immediate proximity to the center of the village of Megève, which gives it the status of a perfect vacation spot in winter. If the Rochebrune area attracts lovers of the easy way of life, it also attracts sportsmen and contemplatives, in search of sensations and emotions.

With an incredible ski area and breathtaking views of the mountains and the Mont-Blanc massif, Rochebrune is a real winter destination where the pleasures of snow are experienced in the plural and conviviality is natural.


Did you know?

It was in the early 1930s that a logger in the town of Sallanches had the good idea of ​​adapting cable transport to the practice of downhill skiing, then in full swing in the neighboring villages.

Thus, in the winter of 1933, the first cable car specifically built for downhill skiing appeared in Rochebrune. The cabin, which for its first winter could accommodate up to 20 people, transported skiers from the hamlet of Rochebrune up to 1 meters above sea level, for a vertical drop of more than 750 meters in just ten minutes. A revolution for the time!

Modernized and colored red over the years, Rochebrune then became the laughing stock of many sportsmen in search of great skiing in winter. Even today, Rochebrune fully enjoys having had the first cable car in France which, in addition to having conferred on it a prestigious reputation, has offered it in 80 years the visit of 12 million amazed souls.

© Christophe BOUGAULT – Municipality of Megève

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