If Megève is a pretty ski resort which has some nice surprises in store in winter, the surrounding villages, localities and hamlets also have many assets that are well worth a detour. Enough to lengthen your list of things to do during your holidays in Megève!


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Le Tigrr Princesse


Super Glisse


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Piste sur neige “La Luge”

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Jeandet Sports

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Ski joering

Promenade en calèche et visite des écuries


Baptême Traineau Equestre

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Balade dînatoire en calèche avec fondue Savoyarde

Venture around Megève in winter

Discovering the village of Megève and its incredible ski resort is one thing, but venturing into the surrounding area is another. Although we all agree that Megève is a charming alpine village, with its authentic architecture and family atmosphere, the beauty does not stop at the borders of the town. So push the discovery of the resort of Megève a little further and set off on an adventure in the surroundings of the village!

Overflowing with nuggets, visiting the surroundings of Megève means skiing the snow-capped mountains, shopping in sports shops or souvenir shops and dining in refined restaurants. It also means sleeping in luxurious chalets or typical Savoyard hotels, indulging in a multitude of winter activities, but above all, creating unforgettable memories. Whether you are with family or friends, you will always find new experiences to enjoy and great adventures to share in the surroundings of Megève, for day trips or for an extended stay.


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