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Accommodation Center village – winter

The village of Megève, this postcard-like nugget clinging to an altitude of 1 metres, offers a unique living environment in winter where the accommodations are a rewrite of the art of living in the mountains. Preciously erected around the village square, the accommodations in Megève are real refuges where…

Village center restaurants – winter

A historic meeting place for epicureans, the reputation of Megève's restaurants is second to none. Preciously established on the village square, nestled in the heart of an immaculate mountain pasture or hidden at the bend of a cobbled alley, the restaurants of Megève in winter are an invitation to sit down by the fireplace to taste a speciality. Erected…

Shops Village center – winter

In winter, the shops and boutiques of Megève take on the appearance of a village square. At the counter or between the displays, discussions take place, experiences are shared and memories are engraved. A veritable hymn to local life, the emblematic shops and famous boutiques of the village add a hint of conviviality in winter...

Activities Village center – winter

Hardly has the first snow tinted the village of Megève white when the winter activities are already setting in and promise incredible moments of sharing. Because in Megève, the winter program offers a real marathon! From its snow-capped mountains to its sports facilities, the village of Megève is full of fun activities and unusual experiences where…

Accommodation Mont d'Arbois – winter

At Mont d'Arbois, the accommodations are a rewrite of the art of living in the mountains. Known and recognized as ultra-refined refuges, they have shaken up accommodation codes by bringing together the art of living, conviviality and winter sports. Often copied but never equaled, the accommodations of Mont d'Arbois have a habit of nesting the…

Restaurants Mont d'Arbois – winter

There is undoubtedly no gastronomic territory more marked by topography and the seasons than that of the mountains; a fortiori at Mont d'Arbois where the slopes of the high snow-capped peaks are part of the terroir that inspires chefs. Because in winter, when the temperatures drop and the snowflakes…

Shops Mont d'Arbois – winter

At Mont d'Arbois, elegance and a relaxed way of life are privileged. And this discourse continues even in the shops and boutiques of the small Alpine hamlet. A real hymn to local life, the shops of Mont d'Arbois are essential places to live in winter, where professionalism, quality and friendliness come together to satisfy…

Mont d'Arbois activities – winter

Hardly the first snow covers the yellow mountain pastures of autumn than already, the beginnings of winter appear and with them, the first traces of passionate skiers. And just like nature, the Mont d'Arbois district reinvents itself in winter to offer you a wide range of activities and completely frosty experiences. So open...

Accommodation Jaillet – winter

While in winter a thick layer of snow delicately coats the roof of the Jaillet accommodations in white, a sweet smell of reunions by the fire escapes from the chimney. Conducive to conviviality and sharing, the Jaillet accommodations offer you much more than just accommodation, they offer you your…

Restaurants Jaillet – winter

In winter, in the restaurants of Jaillet, it is the melted cheese which is on the front of the plate. Three grains of salt on a starter. An eighth of a turn of a pepper mill on a dish. No need for more, the cooks and the products have already done the rest. Because in Jaillet, the restaurants…

Jaillet shops – winter

In winter, the local life of Jaillet is also found in its pretty shops and elegant boutiques, like its sports shops, grocery stores and bakeries. Real places of life where experiences are shared and advice given, the shops of Jaillet offer you all the skills of department stores, the passionate soul of…

Jaillet activities – winter

Small hamlet does not mean small skiing. At Jaillet, you could even say, a small hamlet with great skiing. Because in winter, the Jaillet cultivates the joys of skiing as well as an art of living inherited from a long rural and sporting tradition. With modern infrastructure, an incredible ski area and plenty of entertainment throughout…

Accommodation Rochebrune – winter

In winter, Rochebrune charms with its wooded chalets, its warm tourist residences and its elegant hotels which make it a truly unique district. Much more than simple accommodation, Rochebrune accommodation is committed to the quality of the services offered, the comfort of the premises and the friendly atmosphere to make you…

Rochebrune restaurants – winter

In the restaurants of Rochebrune, you can get there in a few turns of snow tires, take off your skis directly, go there by toboggan or get there via the ski lifts. And on the kitchen side, there is also a choice. Plates that sing the pleasures of winter, kitchens that invite you to travel around the world...

Rochebrune shops – winter

Once off your shoes, it's time for the shops and boutiques of Rochebrune to fill up. For generations, these real places of life have written the most beautiful stories of Rochebrune, marked by sharing and conviviality. Because in Rochebrune, the shops offer you much more than products in winter, they send you their…

Rochebrune activities – winter

In winter, the spectacle is miraculous when the first rays of the sun caress the sparkling mountain pastures and the sparkling forests, freshly covered with a thick layer of snow. Faced with this, the contemplatives cannot resist the urge to extend the lens to photograph the scene while the sportsmen are already visualizing stars...

Restaurants Côte 2000 – winter

What if you gave in to the call of gluttony? Whether it's brunch time to start the day off right, lunch time to satiate hungry stomachs, snack time to warm up after an activity, or dinner time to recharge your batteries, there's always a good reason to sit down in…

Côte 2000 activities – winter

Like every winter, the Cote 2000 is transformed by the snow which, as delicately as a snowflake falls, tints the landscapes with white until then still nuanced with autumnal colours. While the snow clings to the branches of the fir trees, clings to the roofs of the chalets and paints the mountain pastures orange, the Cote 2000 shines through in…

Nearby – winter

If Megève is a pretty ski resort which has some nice surprises in store in winter, the surrounding villages, localities and hamlets also have many assets that are well worth a detour. Enough to lengthen your list of things to do during your holidays in Megève!

At the confluence of mountains and pastures, Megève reveals itself as the anchor point of your stay. The Megève ski resort gives you an appointment with your senses: the scent of fir trees, the softness of the snow-covered roofs, the sound of skis hurtling down the slopes and the unique taste of the gourmet specialties of our mountain restaurants. Discover here the endless possibilities of a winter in Megève.

A winter cocoon for your stay

The Mégevanne ski resort offers each of its visitors luxurious and comfortable accommodation. Whatever your desire, you will find the perfect cozy nest.

For a relaxing and comfortable stay in the resort, the hotels in Megève combine charm and elegance wonderfully. In addition to a sumptuous view of Mont Blanc, many establishments have spas, to get away from it all for a massage or a hammam session.

Do you come together with your family ? The typical chalets of the resort will satisfy you: large spaces to give everyone freedom of movement, comfortable rooms with modern decoration and equipment to make your life easier!

© Marie BOUGAULT – Municipality of Megève

A gourmet rendezvous every day

In Megève, each restaurant is committed to taking you on a taste journey. Within the station, you will find multiple establishments, with all singular flavors: Like the starred restaurants and the restaurants of altitude.

To immerse yourself in the confines of tradition, Savoyard restaurants welcome you throughout the winter, to share a moment of conviviality and indulgence.

For a snack after exercise, the elegant tea rooms in the village of Megève will always remain open to delight your taste buds!

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