If the charm of the village is unanimous, the beauty of the landscapes that surrounds it has no other equal! From majestic peaks to verdant mountain pastures, explore our beautiful wild expanses in the heart of the Mont-Blanc region.

Unlimited spaces of freedom

Surrounded by three mountain ranges with gentle slopes and verdant forest, Megève is a land of natural contrasts that will delight nature lovers.

The Cote 2000 and Aiguilles Croches circus, located just above the village, adds to this atmosphere the feeling of discovering a preserved, authentic and natural land to be enjoyed whatever the season.

"There are places where the magic of the landscape touches generations", testifies to the fabulous chain of Mont Blanc which is offered from different angles and profiles but always with the magic and presence of a white cathedral, like a landmark. that we never tire of contemplating.

© Daniel DURAND

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