Outdoor sports equipment.

Megève has always been the reference resort for great adventures! Known and recognized throughout the world for its extensive mountain facilities, its many modern and fun facilities and its multitude of outdoor sports facilities, Megève has established itself as the favorite 4-season destination for families and groups of friends looking for fun and new experiences.

Discover Megève's outdoor sports facilities

Nestled in the heart of the Alpine mountains, Megève has a myriad of sports facilities and outdoor equipment. Surrounded by grandiose panoramas and lush nature, sometimes lush, sometimes sparkling, Megève is a veritable playground as playful as it is gigantic.

And it is in this majestic setting that the village and its outdoor facilities invite you to take advantage of the fresh mountain air. Golf, leisure centre, skatepark, stadiums, trampolines or even tennis courts, Megève offers you many outdoor infrastructures which allow, with family or friends, to share great unforgettable adventures in the heart of the Alps!


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