Between authentic village and iconic resort, discover all the secrets that today shape the undeniable charm of the village of Megève.

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Ski station

At the confluence of mountains and pastures, Megève reveals itself as the anchor point for your stay. The Megève ski resort gives you an appointment with your senses: the scent of fir trees, the softness of the snow-covered roofs, the sound of skis hurtling down the slopes and the unique taste of the gourmet specialties of our mountain restaurants.…

A Christmas in Megève

From the start of the winter season, Megève puts on its festive clothes. With its alleys sparkling with a thousand lights and its delicious smells of cinnamon, the village becomes the scene of magical moments that delight young and old. Festive evenings, musical interludes, unusual mountain activities: between tradition and change of scenery, escape and wonder, the…

Megeve in winter

Wrapped in a soft white veil, Megève appears as if transformed. A true pioneer resort in the practice of winter sports, Megève has become THE snowy destination par excellence. Slide, slalom, explore... See you at the first bend! Touch… Enter the subject. Touch the world around you. Caress the soft woolen scarf knitted by Mamie. The thick…

The mountain village in summer

Throughout the summer, Megève reveals its charms: an exceptional panorama of the Mont-Blanc massif which can be discovered during nature walks, lush flora and crystal-clear water torrents. In this magnificent green setting, exceptional events follow one another throughout the summer, creating…

Lake Javen

Water is to Megève what the oasis is to the desert. A real treasure nestled at an altitude of 1 metres, Lake Javen is naturally a source of tranquility and a place for great adventures. Nature, sometimes green, sometimes snowy, offers a reinvented setting over the seasons where the absence of artifice and the seal of authenticity...

Beauty in the woods waterfall

Cradled by lights of rare intensity and crystalline sounds, the Belle au Bois waterfall appears unreal. Preciously hidden in lush greenery, its crystal clear waters contrast with the green of the surrounding forest. Composed of natural pools, turquoise basins and small waterfalls, the Belle au Bois waterfall is…


Admire the fauna, smell the flora, taste the freedom... From dense forests to verdant mountain pastures, from snow-capped peaks to vertiginous peaks, from family chalets to convivial refuges, in Megève the spectacle is everywhere! Surrounded by a rich and remarkable mountain range, the village of Megève stands out as a playground for sports enthusiasts and…

Mont-Blanc massif

Shared between France, Italy and Switzerland, the Mont-Blanc massif is home to the highest summit in Europe. Culminating at 4 meters above sea level, this giant shaped out of granite and ice dominates the massif that bears its name. Famous throughout the world, the Mont-Blanc massif attracts many mountaineers every year,…


From the Mont d'Arbois gondolas to the legendary red cabin of Rochebrune, including our detachable chairlifts, Megève's two ski areas have a large choice of ski lifts suitable for all levels and all practices. Let yourself be propelled from the heart of the village to the summits of our massifs thanks to our…

Sports complex Le Palais Megève

A kingdom of sport and relaxation for 50 years, the Palais Megève has numerous facilities and offers a wide range of activities. Elevated to the status of the largest indoor and outdoor leisure complex in the Alps, enjoy modern and fun sports and cultural facilities with family or friends. A true paradise of well-being…

Outdoor sports equipment.

Megève has always been the reference resort for great adventures! Known and recognized throughout the world for its extensive mountain facilities, its many modern and fun facilities and its multitude of outdoor sports facilities, Megève has established itself as the favorite 4-season destination for families and groups of friends looking for fun and…


The Megève altiport is one of the first mountain aerodromes to have been created. Located on the majestic site of the Cote 2000, it brings together 2 main activities: pilot training with the Megève flying club, and tourist flights with the Aérocime company. History of the Megève altiport It was under the impetus of Michel…


In this unique setting, where the greens are cut to the millimeter and the fairways skilfully mown, the Golf du Mont d'Arbois is the playground par excellence for professionals and amateurs. Did you know ? Between Megève and golf, the love story has lasted for several decades. In 1923, Baron Edmond de Rothschild…

Winter hiking trails

In Megève, hiking is a real tradition that combines solid assets: an unobstructed view of Mont-Blanc, unforgettable memories, breathtaking landscapes and sometimes even unexpected encounters with wild animals. So with family or friends, take the many routes and marked trails that Megève offers in winter...

Snowshoe routes

Dominated by 3 mountain ranges and enveloped by numerous mountain pastures clad in white, Megève's nature looks like paradise which, at the height of winter, attracts a large number of hikers who come to indulge in the pleasures of snowshoeing. Because even in winter, Megève has many marked hiking trails and itineraries...

Mountain bike routes

In Megève, it is possible to walk the marked routes and paths other than by putting one foot in front of the other! Equipped with a mountain bike, a scooter or an electric bike, set off on one of the many bike routes and set off to conquer the Megève mountains! Famous for its excellent location near the most beautiful mountain passes…

Walking trails

Dominated by Mont-Blanc and bordered by pretty flower-filled mountain pastures, Megève's nature looks like paradise. In summer, it attracts many hikers for its bucolic atmosphere, its grandiose landscapes and its breathtaking views. A veritable land of hiking, Megève has many marked hiking trails and itineraries which, from the cobbled streets of…

Running course

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature! Capital of outdoor sports, with its expanses of forests and breathtaking landscapes, Megève is a perfect destination for running or trail running and exploring the peaks, with a breathtaking view of the Mont-Mont massif. White.

History of Megeve

Megève has always fascinated. But do you really know his story? Endowed with a past and a unique heritage, let us tell you about the origins of the village, from the agricultural town to the famous ski resort. Enter into the confidence of these stories which, transmitted from generation to generation by the children of the country, still shape the identity of…

The Rothschilds & Megève

The Domaine du Mont d'Arbois shares the fundamental values ​​of a good life without artifice, defended for three generations by the family of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, personally involved in the developments of the Domaine. The successive members of this large family have each brought their mark and the modernity of their generation. They imposed a…

Culture & heritage

Megève, within it, is endowed with a rich and remarkable cultural heritage. A pioneering resort, it still cultivates the soul of a true alpine village around its ancestral architecture, its pastoral festivals and its family atmosphere. Rooted in a tradition that is both rural through its agricultural heritage and chic through the Rothschild family,…


The architectural landscape of Megève is as rich as it is varied. Just take a walk through the streets of the village and the surrounding paths to notice it and discover here and there a traditional farmhouse, a Henry-Jacques Le Same chalet, a contemporary building... of the architectural history of…


A true land of legends since the dawn of time, Megève has more than one story to tell you. With family or friends, discover the history of Megève, its treasures, its roots and its exceptional environments. Between transmission, know-how, traditions, tales and marvels, let yourself be guided by the legends of Megève and…

A true land of legends since the dawn of time, Megève is told as much as it is experienced. A pioneering resort, it cultivates the soul of a true alpine village, under the sign of elegance and the French way of life. An internationally renowned historic landmark, the resort of Megève offers you an authentic 4-season destination where new experiences, great adventures and inspiring encounters follow one another. Preciously nestled in the heart of the Alps, Megève is a village resort steeped in history where sportsmen, contemplatives and sybarites meet to live beautiful experiences in turn.

Discover the village in summer

For almost a hundred years, the resort of Megève has cultivated its unique identity in the heart of the Alps. A skilful balance of authenticity, elegance and avant-gardism loved by a clientele that is sporty, contemplative and sybaritic. Because in summer, the village of Megève has a soul that goes far beyond the images we have of the mountains.

Flowery alleys, bells tolling, green mountain pastures or crystalline torrents, in Megève the spectacle is everywhere. A veritable playground with its grandiose landscapes, its sports facilities and its unmissable events, Megève transforms every minute of summer into a promise of sunny escape. Meeting point for great adventures, experience all the pleasures of summer in the mountains with family or friends.

If the alpine charm of the village invites you to extend the walk in the heart of its alleys, the sunny terraces invite you to indulge and the chic boutiques to shop. Dynamic and attractive, the famous streets of the village are in the summer the scene of beautiful moments of sharing, cradled between local life and summer entertainment.

Discover the mountain village

Discover the resort in winter

In winter, the ski resort of Megève continues to seduce you with an excess of authenticity, elegance and sincerity. A true link between the Arve valley, the ski areas and the peaks, the resort of Megève is an essential destination in winter for lovers of the great outdoors.

Cradle of skiing in France, Megève reveals a multitude of winter activities and an incredible ski area for a great skiing experience. With its 450 km of slopes spread over 4 massifs, the alpine area combines beginners' areas, steep slopes, pine forests and sunny plateaus.

Although its ski areas thrill the eyes of skiers from all over the world, people also come to Megève for the elegant chic of its shops, its cocooning spas, its charming hotels, its gourmet restaurants and its atmospheric bars that populate the snow-covered streets of the village. Among the most prestigious ski resorts, Megève is the perfect embodiment of the French way of life. A success that emanates from its local life, as lively as it is friendly, but also from its soul as a Haute-Savoie village resort, as unique as it is iconic.

Discover the ski resort

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