Immerse yourself in the enchanted world of Megève this festive season, where gourmet flavors meet the magic of Christmas. Our Megève pastry chefs reveal their talent and creativity through Christmas logs that are as tasty as they are exceptional. Discover their signature creations which amaze visitors' taste buds and let yourself be seduced by the authenticity of Megève, the most gourmet destination in the Alps.

The Raspberry of Father Sotieu Counter

The pastry chef Didier Socquet Clerc installed since 1998 in the heart of the village, each year imagines a new collection of logs that are as delicate as they are delicious. Here is one of them, “Raspberry Log” which consists of the following ingredients: almond streusel, vanilla diplomat, spoon biscuit, raspberry cream and fresh raspberries.

Available in store and to order December 24 and 25. Traditional logs for 4 people (30€) and 6 people (45€).

The Mont-Blanc pastry log To the delights of Megève

Here is a log created by pastry chef Vincent Thomasssier It’s already 11 years ago! The signature log “Mont-Blanc” from Délices De Megève consists of the following ingredients: light mousse with chestnut cream, creamy caramel with nougatine chips, whipped cream and crunchy meringue.

Available in store during all school holidays. Log for 4 people (28€) and log for 6 people (42€).

The Christmas log the 5* Hôtel & Chalets l’Alpaga

Pastry chef Tess Evans-Mialet immerses us in the magic of Christmas with a log inspired by the snack that children offer Santa Claus for the night of December 24. Some prepare a glass of milk with a bar of chocolate, oranges, cookies, vanilla biscuits or many other treats. Traditions vary depending on families and regions. Tess Evans-Mialet chose to mix the markers of the different snacks, so that everyone can find a little of their own drawing and can return to their childhood through indulgence: a light chocolate mousse of pure Brazilian origin 72%, refreshed with a slight zest of orange. At its heart, we find raw milk jam from a local farm and a creamy Tanzania milk chocolate, enhanced with fragrant woodruff collected and dried by the chef this summer. As a decor, chocolate from elsewhere allows you to create a truly local decor with the Mont-Blanc range in the background and the red Megève gondola in the foreground.

Available for takeaway at l’Alpaga from December 23 to Monday January 1. Log for 6 people (85€).

The blackcurrant brown pastry log The Mountaineer

The bakery The Mountaineer plays the tradition card with authentic Christmas logs. Located in the heart of the village, this house An essential house founded in 1989 presents one of the 2023 “blackcurrant” logs: blackcurrant mousse, chestnut heart, madeleine biscuit and candied chestnuts. An ideal combination between the acidity of blackcurrant and the sweetness of chestnut, for a festive dessert that will please young and old alike.

Mousse and frozen logs are available in store from December 24 while stocks last. The “butter cream” logs are already in store. Log for 4 people (22€) and log for 6 people (32€).

The Megevan Fir Four Seasons Megève 5*

Passionate about the richness of nature that surrounds him, chef Jonathan Chapuy drew its inspiration from the immaculate landscapes of Megève to deliciously reinterpret the timeless icon of the Christmas tree. Like an ode to the grandeur of the peaks that border the hotels Four Seasons Megève Collection, “The Megevan Fir” is adorned with meticulously worked reliefs, evoking the gentle slopes and steep summits of the massifs in winter. Each bite reveals a palette of finely orchestrated flavors and textures, offering an exceptional taste experience to celebrate the end-of-year holidays in style. This treat comes in a crispy pine nut praline with lemony nuances, subtly enhanced with a soft pine nut biscuit. The flavors harmonize with a creamy fir and milk chocolate with comforting notes, deliciously intensified with a dark chocolate mousse with 65% cocoa, blending perfectly with the aromas of the fir. This taste ballet culminates with a touch of freshness brought by a clementine marmalade with an intense and fruity scent for an ideal moment of sharing to celebrate the end of year holidays.

Available for takeaway at Four Seasons Megève Collection hotels from 15 to 30 December. Log for 6/8 people, priced at 139 euros. Order at least 48 hours in advance on +33 (0)4 50 211 211.

The black forest log Grand Hotel du Soleil d’Or 5*

Chocolate is a whole story Grand Hotel du Soleil d'Or ! Marion Patraud, the pastry chef, works hand in hand with Jean-Paul Hévin to create creations that are as refined as they are delicious all year round for the famous Chocolaterie. Christmas is an opportunity to reinvent the classics, notably the log " Black Forest " : cocoa sponge cake, natural and cocoa whipped cream, Amarena cherry, Amarena syrup, Guanaja 70% dark chocolate shavings.

Available for takeaway at the Chocolaterie du Grand Hotel du Soleil d'Or for 4 people (45€), 6 people (65€) and 8 people (78€) from December 18 until the end of the school holidays.


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