Sports courses, cultural activities, artistic workshops, language courses… In Megève, many courses and workshops are organized all year round for children and teenagers. From initiation to improvement, in the heart of nature or in modern infrastructures, these moments of playful learning and supervised by professionals resonate like privileged moments in the heart of the Megève mountains.

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Cours privés de ski pour enfants 4/13 ans

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Stage Ski d’Or

Stages Multisports Trappeurs 6-9 ans Eté

Stages multisport Trappeurs Eté 10-13 ans

Stage anglais enfants Toussaint

Stages de paintball


Stages de tennis


Stage “Tout roule”


Stage découverte du cheval et du poney


Stage d’escalade

Internships & workshops: unleash your creativity!

Throughout the year, the village of Megève offers many sports courses and creative workshops. Organized by the Palais Megève or independent professionals, these courses and workshops allow children and teenagers to learn or improve their skills in a sport or an artistic activity.

Lasting from one day to two weeks and from one hour to several hours a day, these courses and workshops allow children and adolescents to train and practice alongside qualified professionals. While sports courses offer children and teenagers great progress in performance, team spirit and self-transcendence, cultural, artistic and manual workshops bring curiosity, imagination and creativity.

In addition to the practical and technical aspects that these courses and workshops can bring, they also allow children and teenagers to share good times, meet new people and thus flourish during this new experience.

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