in Megève

Itinéraire rando 8 fontaines, 2 torrents

In the heart of the village, this route allows you to appreciate the history of water, fountains and rivers in Megève.
Tips and Suggestions

Itinerary recommended for walks in pushchairs, elderly people and people with disabilities.

Topo / step by step

0/On the right side of the Town Hall you will notice the 1st Fountain of Cintra, then cross the cobbled street and go up the Quai du Prieuré which runs along the Nant des Cordes (to the left of the Aallard shop). 1/ At the end of this street you will see the old Lorraine bridge of Maz, then take the direction of the church, on the right), going up a few meters to reach the place Saint Paul: you will discover on the side the Fountain of the 'Church. 2/Then cross the old bridge and follow rue Saint Jean to reach the corner of the rue à la Fontaine du Bistrot. Continue along the same street to the Place de la Résistance Fountain (at the foot of the ice rink stairs) and take the stairs towards Calvaire on the right. After a few meters, you reach the original location of the Saint Michel spring, below the Saint Michel cross (in the middle of the field). 3/ Go back down and take rue Charles Feige. Opposite the Fontaine du Bistrot, follow rue d'Arly (which continues after crossing rue Saint François) where you will discover an old wash house (admire the framework). Continue along the street on the corner with rue d'Arly "Passage des cinq rue", turn immediately right at the level of the Jazz Club of the Five Streets which is on the corner to continue on the small rue des Comtes de Capré. 4/ Just before the Megève museum, cross the Cordes torrent, and reach the village square next to the town hall. 5/Continue to the right via rue Ambroise Martin, between the town halls of Megève and Demi-Quartier (fortified house). Continue to the crossroads of rue de la Poste, where you will discover the Fountain of the Maison de la Montagne. 6/Take rue de la Poste for about a hundred meters, turn left just before the Glapet torrent, then take the small bridge to see the Fontaine du Glapet opposite Megève Tourisme. 7/ Go up the cobbled steps on the side of Megève Tourisme. At rue Monseigneur Conseil, discover the Fountain of Megève Tourism. 8/Continue rue Monseigneur Conseil in the direction of the church: cross the small bridge and reach the fountain of Sleighs at the foot of the Church.

Route details

Suitable for city strollers, Hard surface (tar, cement, floor)
Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


Pedestrian sportsHiking route
DifficultyEasyDuration01hElevation18 D- ​​/ 18 D+Distance1,0 kmMax Altitude1110 m
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