Take the time to look, admire, contemplate, sublimate... Awaken your curiosity, your imagination, your creativity... In Megève, art takes possession of the village with unmissable exhibitions. A veritable land of inspiration for artists from all over the world, the village abounds here and there in exhibitions where sculptures, photographs, paintings and objects intermingle. Whether artists from the international scene or young emerging talents, dive into the heart of art and let your curiosity mingle with your imagination.

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01 June 2024 01 June 2025

Exhibition “Cross me”, Patrick Wack

08 May 2024 05 May 2025

Exhibition “The Recomposed Past”, Garry Pycroft

08 July 01 September 2024

Exhibition “Maurice Bonnet, the painter and the mountain”

06 July 01 September 2024

Exhibition “Whispers of the undergrowth”

From 3 €  / adult
Le 26 July 2024

Micro-Madness Outside the walls, Art and Sport Game

Le 07 August 2024

Micro-Folie Collection Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Le 02 August 2024

Micro-Madness Lola Lafon

Le 09 August 2024

Aladdin Micro-Madness

09 July 30 July 2024

Exhibition The Imaginary Herbaries of Geneviève Blanchard

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