Essential figures of the mountain pastures and pride of the Megève, the foals are presented each year in August at a major competition, a tradition that has been perpetuated for 150 years in Megève. Model, pace and conformity of the horse: the most beautiful specimens are elected by a Swiss and French jury.

The foal competition

The Concours aux Poulains is held every year at the beginning of summer in Megève. The Syndicate organizes this event in close collaboration with the Fédération de Franche Montagne.

During this Competition, the Franche Montagne Foals born during the year are presented for identification with their mother, by hand, at the walk and at the trot. Foals are assessed by two breed specialist judges according to three criteria: type, conformation and gait. Thus, the scores range from one (very bad) to nine (very good, which gives an indication of the will to breed).

During the same day, the Franche Montagne stallions approved for breeding are also presented, so that they can apply for the International Competition the following year.

During the morning, the Competition brings together the Comté trait mares and the “horse of Megève”. Descended from a Franche Montagne and Comtois trait cross, this breed of “Megève horse” is in the process of being recognized. This is why, in the meantime, they are called “the local mares”. They are evaluated by the judges who differentiate them by model and pace and then be separated into several categories. This event allows breeders to be able to highlight their own work in the selection of their mares. An unmissable event to perpetuate the tradition and introduce the general public to this magnificent breed which should soon and officially become “the horse of Megève.”


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