Behind the incredible success of the Megève International Jumping, its remarkable setting, its impressive events and its festive atmosphere lie exceptional know-how and organization. Dive behind the scenes of this event which reaches far beyond our territory.

Jumping, an unmissable summer event

The Jumping International de Megève is above all a story of people. Created one evening in July 2010, the Megève en Selle association ensures year after year that this meeting remains faithful to the initial project: an event that is accessible, free, festive, unifying but no less of a very high level.

Often faithful to the post of editor in editor, about forty volunteers and other regulars of the equestrian world come to bring their services, their expertise and their energy. Indispensable and infallible support for the Megève en Selle association.

Seduced and conquered by this equestrian universe and this unifying and warm atmosphere, it is indeed a whole village which lives to the rhythm of the equestrian competitions and entertainment for seven days. One of the keys to success for this major event which brings together more than 500 horses and 350 riders of around twenty different nationalities, from promising young amateurs to the most successful professionals.


The riders are won over by the unique setting of the village and the special atmosphere of this competition.

For more than 10 years, the Jumping International de Megève has represented this moment of sharing, the opportunity to gather around the many activities offered in the exhibitors' village, to taste the products of local artisans or the finest restaurateurs.

The organization of the stables is a poem mastered to perfection by a seasoned manager in illustrious competitions. He knows each mount and establishes a very precise plan of the boxes.

Between taking registrations, checking documents, the application of the rules of the international federation or the visit to the veterinarian, the secretariat of the riders takes care of the broad administrative aspect of Jumping.

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An exceptional organization

The association team "Megève in the saddle", founder of Jumping International de Megève, volunteers and elected officials.

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