When the Megeve Jazz Contest returns to Megève, it's a frenzied atmosphere that takes over the village for a weekend... The jazzy notes spring up echo the bursts of applause at every street corner, the amazed spectators vibrate in unison . Great jazz lovers, spectators from all walks of life, dancers... Megeve Jazz Contest, the public is conquered as soon as the musicians begin the first notes of their piece!

Swing in the heart of the village

Established in 1994 the Megeve Jazz Contest quickly became an essential competition for amateur Jazz orchestras New Orleans Since its creation, it has attracted groups from all over Europe.

During these two days of festivities, music invades the streets of the village, distilling an extraordinary atmosphere! Today, summer in Megève cannot be imagined without an air of jazz New Orleans resounding in the streets of the village.

In 2024, jazz continues to captivate the village for more than 30 years, to the delight of its vacationers and residents! The streets of the village are transformed into a real dance floor, where the sounds of melody and water come together to form a grandiose musical spectacle. Its programming is sure to attract vacationers looking for lightness and... swaying! Something to liven up your sweet summer evenings…




Results of the Megève Jazz Contest 2024


1st: Burgundy Swing

2nd: Five in the Mood

3rd: New Chocolate Dandies


Geneva Boogie & Blues Quartet

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