Exploring your feelings, finding harmony by awakening your senses, traveling mindfully, disconnecting from the world to reconnect with yourself and nature with the mountain as your only setting: here are all the benefits of a yoga session in Megève . At the heart of grandiose panoramas, open your eyes and your chakras wide and let yourself be inspired by this incredible practice conducive to balancing the body, calming the soul and uplifting the spirit.

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Group lesson: Yoga

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Yoga in a geodesic bubble

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Family Yoga

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Inspirational hike and Yoga

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Megève Breathe practice of breath awareness.

From 40 €  / adult
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Yoga in Megève: at the height of well-being!

Naturally a source of peace and sweetness of life, Megève transforms every minute of your stay into a promise of sunny escape and spiritual well-being. Let yourself be lulled by lights of rare intensity and the crystalline sounds of nature to understand the full importance and power of the practice of yoga in Megève.

Indoors on your moss mat or on a flower carpet in the middle of nature, this practice combining tonic postures and breathing exercises aims to bring physical and mental well-being. We disconnect from the outside world. We connect to the present moment. We explore his feelings. We travel mindfully. We reconnect with ourselves and with nature.

Very complementary to sliding sports such as skiing or snowboarding, practicing yoga regularly helps the body to be more flexible, more solid and better prepared for physical effort, but above all to better absorb shocks and prevent injuries.


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