Take time for yourself, breathe and stretch, sleep soundly, eat healthy, get a massage… We all know that our well-being depends closely on our ability to take care of ourselves with kindness and gentleness. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, we often tend to minimize these gestures too much in favor of “more important” things. But this is where we are wrong.

In Megève, we attach particular importance to our way of life. Here, we are convinced of the need to take care of yourself above all else. For you, for your loved ones, but also for all the people you meet in the alleys of the village, well-being is the key to happiness. Discover our 5 tips for a 100% relaxing holiday in Megève.

1. Enjoy nature

Come break away from the trivialities of everyday life by immersing yourself in the heart of an extremely varied and preserved nature. Best anti-stress remedy since the dawn of time, nature is a source of immense benefits.
All you have to do is put your nose outside and let yourself be guided by our pretty paths... Fir forests, sunny mountain pastures, wild rivers, awaken your senses and take the opportunity to reconnect "to yourselves" throughout your stay.

2. Get your body moving

Being active is essential to keeping fit and staying healthy. It is obvious today. Because we generally spend too much time sitting or we do not perform the right movements, the mountain is the ideal place to stay to get your body moving in the best possible way. Walks on the ridges in summer, cross-country skiing in winter, outdoor yoga or other indoor activities the rest of the year... Here, there is no question of sports competition, but just to reconnect in the evening and find a balance, everyone at his own pace and according to his tempo.

3. Have fun

It's so good to have fun from time to time... So, because we sometimes need to hear it said, have fun! Stop feeling guilty and live your stay in complete freedom. After all, if there is a time when it is possible to take time for yourself, is it not during the holidays? Let yourself be carried away by a wind of lightness and leave with unforgettable memories.

4. Eat healthy

"You are what you eat"... have you ever heard of this expression? Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your diet. “Well-being” advice that is easy to implement during your stay in the capital of mountain gastronomy. From "fields to plate", in Megève, taste healthy, reasoned and seasonal cuisine, thanks to the tasty products and know-how of our local producers.

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