With nearly 50 years of history with Megève to his credit, the famous artist-sculptor Pierre Margara remains one of the Alpine village's most loyal ambassadors. Inspired by the natural environment of Megève, but also by its festive and cosmopolitan atmosphere, it continues today to devote an almost carnal attachment to the Savoyard village. This year, Megève is celebrating 10 years of My Way, one of his works erected in the heart of Megève since 2013.

Pierre Margara Megeve 70s

My way, a long story of friendship

My Way was born from the meeting between Pierre Margara and Jacques Revaux, the author and composer of the eponymous song initially interpreted by Claude François in France, then by Frank Sinatra from 1969. Beyond the international success of the song, the masterful work of the sculptor symbolizes the long friendship between the two artists. By paying this beautiful tribute to his friend, Pierre Margara also freezes the memories of the good old days of the alpine village, a high place of celebration for the golden generation during the 70s.

A time when Megève attracted the “All of Paris” and the “High Society” from all over the world. Here, hoteliers, restaurateurs, instructors, farmers and artists met in a friendly and uninhibited atmosphere. However, it is precisely at the foot of the small 5 Rues washhouse, just a few steps from the famous Jazz Club which buzzes with life at night, precisely where many of these musicians used to meet, that the sculpture naturally found its place.

Megève, a place of inspiration conducive to creation

In 1967, Jacques Revaux, who delighted in taking advantage of the charms of Megève in the spring, composed his songs from his hotel room. Canada, windows open on rue Ambroise Martin. Thus, he gave birth in the first place to for me, a piece that the singer Claude François refused.

It was only afterwards that Jacques Revaux wrote the words of the melody alongside Gilles Thibaut. As usual that we know, before becoming My Way flying across the Atlantic. Redesigned by Franck Sinatra, the texts of the author-composer have thus been propelled to the forefront of the international scene. Alternately adapted in different musical styles by Elvis Presley, Michel Sardou or even Pavarotti, the song quickly met with worldwide success.

Pierre Margara, 50 years of life in Megève

Rediscover Megève told by Pierre Margara, adopted Megève and faithful ambassador of the Alpine village! For more than 50 years, the internationally renowned artist-sculptor has never ceased to draw inspiration from the village of his heart.


Beyond his artistic talent and his emblematic work, Pierre Margara remains one of the most inexhaustible figures of Megève on the disco era of the 70s, during which he forged many links with personalities from all over the world.


Initially attracted by the magnetic beauty of the mountain environment, Pierre Margara has become attached over the years to the festive and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Megève where he continues to enjoy this unique art of living...



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